Minor patch v0.1.5.1


-Zombies should no longer roam the battlefield (dead characters are no longer visible).
-Certain enemies no longer "share" a healthpool and have mastered the art of individual vitality (the "ghost"-type enemies shared each other health (bug), if one died all of them died).
-Fixed an issue that caused the crowd to stop breathing while watching the fight (game objects now properly update even if none of them is selected).
-You can now use the cancel and esc-key to back out of combat (player only), was previously only using the right mouse button
-Fixed a rare error on closing the game (caused by the audio player)
-Full screen now works correctly without scaling the game wrongly ( from a pixelart standpoint). Fullscreen is still being worked on, but can be used using the LeftAlt+Enter keys to toggle on or off.
-The healthbar no longer freaks out and now properly shows changes in health.
-Healing should no longer visually "hurt" the receiver.
-Text in the battle interface improved.
-Druid healing spells should no longer set allies visually ablaze.


aeons-dawn-win.zip 170 MB
Version Jun 06, 2017

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